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New Zealand

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Dr Jenni Petersen

Dr Jenni Petersen

Norvet Services
1 Lawn St, Okaihau 0475, New Zealand

Ph: 09-4019167

Dr Teresa O'Riordan

Muskerry Equine Dental Vets

Ph: 02102516501

Dr Dr Katie Kindleysides BVSc.

Franklin Vets
86 Harris Street, Pukekohe 2120, New Zealand

Ph: 092382471

Dr Ray Lenaghan

Equine&Farm Vet Services Ltd
78 Riverbank Road Otaki 5512

Ph: 0275422817

Dr Liz Paton

Vet Dentistry Otago Ltd
3358 Dunback-Morrisons Road, Green Valley 9483, New Zealand

Ph: 03 4650768

Dr Julian Shorten

Keelah Vet
Rd1 reefton

Ph: +61 3 732 8566

Dr Tracey Reynolds

Western Bay Equine
168 Rotoehu Rd, Pukehina 3186, New Zealand

Ph: 0210597709

Dr Marieke Van Den Enden

Dr Marieke Van Den Enden

The Dental Vet Ltd
Cust, New Zealand

Ph: 021 438838

Dr Holly Blue

Blue Blood Equine Ltd
92 Farm Park Road, Waiuku 2681, New Zealand

Ph: 0274862912

Dr Glenn Beeman

Mountainview Equine Ltd
Ashford Village, 427 West St., Ashburton, New Zealand

Ph: 03 307 1111